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Phuket Muay Thai Stadiums

No transaction fees | Low Price Guarantee | Premier Muay Thai Ticket Outlet

Bangla Boxing Stadium Patong

Fight Date:
Every Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun.
9 pm - 11 pm | 6-8 fights


Online Price Only: 
VIP:  1,900 baht
Stadium: 1,500 baht


Patong Thai boxing stadium.jpg

Fight Date:
Every Mon, Tue, Thu & Sat
9 pm - 11 pm | 6-8 fights


Price + Free T-Shirt
Ringside:  1,800 baht
Stadium: 1,500 baht


Rawai Boxing Stadium Phuket.jpg

Fight Date:
Every Tue & Fri
9 pm - 11 pm | 8-11 fights


Price : 
VIP:  2,200 baht + 1free beer

Ringside: 1,800 baht
Stadium: 1,300 baht

Sinbi Muay Thai Stadium - Rawai Phuket.jpg

Fight Date:
Every Saturday
9 pm - 11 pm | 6-8 fights


VIP:  2,500 baht
Ringside: 1,800 baht
Stadium: 1,500 baht


Traditional Muay Thai Guaranteed Fantastic Fight Night in Phuket.

Easily purchase your tickets right now simply choose which seats and which night and follow the payment instructions.

All seats have great views guaranteeing a fantastic night’s enjoyment of Thailand’s national sport.

Any Fight Card and/or Schedule can be changed without prior notice.

Contact us with any questions


This is real MUAYTHAI and not an exhibition you can expect real fights.​ Phuket has some of the best and up-to-date state of the art facilities in the world for Muay Thai.

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